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For Sanhui waterproof cable gland, you can get kinds of cable glands from different materials for a low price, but high quality.

  • A different choice of materials
  • A variety of options on threads
  • Can make special waterproof cable glands which based on standard waterproof cable gland
  • Custom Waterproof cable glands
  • Choose Sanhui waterproof cable glands as your supplier. We can provide kinds of waterproof cable glands of all sizes

Sanhui Waterproof Cable Gland--Professional Suppliers

Sanhui as a waterproof cable gland manufacturer can provide brass waterproof cable glands, stainless steel 304/316/316L waterproof cable glands, and waterproof nylon cable glands which can meet your different projects.
CE, IP68, and ROHS are certified for waterproof cable glands in order to keep the quality. Bulk stock and high productive capacity can help us finish most general orders within 7 days.
Low MOQ requirement is ok for us.
Choose Sanhui as your waterproof cable glands supplier.

Brass Cable Glands

In waterproof cable glands, brass cable glands always mean brass nickel-plated cable glands. If need brass only a waterproof cable gland, it can also be provided.

Stainless Steel Cable Glands

Stainless steel waterproof cable glands can do SS304/316/316 materials for high corrosion-resistant, and high strength.

plastic cable glands

Plastic cable glands are the most commonly used waterproof cable glands because of their low-cost compared to the other two materials.

Waterproof Cable Gland MG Type (3)

Waterproof Cable Gland with One More Function (2)

Long Thread Waterproof Cable Gland

Sanhui wants to satisfy different requirements of your equipment. For a standard waterproof cable gland, the thread length is for just conventional electrical equipment.

And if you meet some device or panel with a thickness, it will have a requirement for long thread waterproof cable gland. Besides standard thread length cable glands, we can also provide lengthen thread cable glands for about 15mm for all materials. And for metal cable glands, we can give thread customized. Of course, if you want a shorter thread waterproof cable gland, it is also ok for us.

So welcome to send your need for a special thread length waterproof cable gland.

Long Thread Cable Gland
Customized Inner thread waterproof cable gland

Customized Waterproof Cable Gland

As a standard accessory, a waterproof cable gland can meet the normal requirements for cable sealing. But for some special conditions, it asks us to do some customization based on standard waterproof cable glands.

For example, we can produce inner thread instead of outer thread waterproof cable gland, customized seal for special cable, and if the equipment is in too cold/hot environment, we can customize materials for it.

Send us your drawings or requirements for custom cable glands, we can provide one-to-one customization

Choose Sanhui As Your Waterproof Cable Gland Supplier

full-automatic CNC Machine
Automatic machine tool raw material placement table in production

Among all kinds of cable glands, waterproof cable glands have the largest demand. It is not only used in heavy industry, in your daily life you will also find it in traffic lights, household meter boxes, and more.
So it is important to find a reliable supplier of waterproof cable glands. Sanhui can be your best choice now. Sanhui has been working in the waterproof cable gland industry for more than 10 years and will continue to provide stable and reliable waterproof connectors in the future.
Sanhui waterproof cable glands have basic certificates such as CE and IP68. In addition, we have more than 40 production lines for waterproof cable glands (including more than half of the fully automatic machines), and we can do whatever we want to ensure fast delivery of products and sufficient inventory. If you have an urgent need for waterproof cable glands, you can contact Sanhui at any time.

Sanhui Waterproof Cable Glands

Waterproof cable gland works on instruments

While there is a range of clamping cable diameters for waterproof cable glands, when choosing a size, it is best to choose a size in the middle of the specified cable range.

Sanhui waterproof cable glands can cover a variety of sizes to match different cable diameters. Then according to different threads, we can match different sizes as follows:

  • Metric thread: M8x1 ~ M100x2
  • PG Thread: PG7 ~ PG63
  • BSP(G) Thread: 1/4” ~ 3”
  • NPT thread: 1/4” ~ 3”

We can do sizes above M100 and BSP(G)/NPT3″, for detailed information, welcome to contact Sanhui support team.

Waterproof cable gland works on junction box

For most electrical equipment, if there is no waterproof cable gland to work with it, it can not be a complete product. And for the equipment below which use many waterproof cable gland:

Waterproof Enclosure-For the waterproof enclosure, I mean Electronic & Instrument Enclosures & terminal boxes & control boxes, and so on. For these equipment, there will be a lot of wiring, and each wiring hole will need a waterproof gland to connect to it and work.

Electrical Motor- For the whole product of ordinary electrical motor, it is necessary to connect the cable at the control place. At this time, the use of a waterproof cable gland can ensure the integrity of the motor and play a protective effect.

In addition, waterproof connectors may be used in equipment such as LED lights, signal lights, switches, and meters that you see in daily life. In short, where there is wiring, the waterproof cable gland can be used wherever.

Waterproof Cable Glands For Various Application

Solar power

Green energy is one of the most important topics in recent years. Solar power generation can ensure that energy is used for clean and hygienic secondary use. Sanhui waterproof cable gland plays a key role in solar panel cable wiring and equipment installation during the rotation of the solar power generation system circuit.

communications industry

With the development of 4G and 5G networks, communication is no longer unfamiliar, but because the communication is done in outdoor wiring frames, grounding, lightning protection facilities and other tower structural components and supporting components are deformed and corroded in different areas, and equipment The overall operation needs to be in good condition, which puts forward strict requirements on the equipment and accessories.

Industrial & Manufacturing

With the development of industry and production, the internal equipment wiring needs reasonable planning and arrangement. Waterproof cable glands can protect the access and fixation of equipment cables. More and more automation equipment now requires waterproof cable glands to work with it。

motor and electrical equipment system
Your waterproof Cable Gland Suppliers in China

We supply different kinds of waterproof cable glands. Contact our sales teams for more support if you need to import some glands for your equipment or your customers.

  • “Sanhui provides us with high quality custom grey waterproof cable glands. These glands are selling well in our market now.”

  • “Sanhui sends us the brass cable glands the day I ordered it, I was so surprised with their fast delivery.”

  • “If you have purchasing needs for waterproof cable glands, I highly recommend Sanhui. I have been working with them for many years and they have always given me efficient feedback and consistent quality.”

What is Waterproof Cable Gland?

Waterproof Cable gland someone calls it for waterproof connector. It is used as a connector for electrical equipment.

Its working principle is that when the equipment cable passes through the waterproof connector, the connector is tightened by the clamping nut to compress the cable. At the same time, the internal clamping claws and seals or uniquely designed separate seal is reduced by extrusion, so that the gap between the cable and the connector is reduced, and sealed to achieve the effect of waterproofing.

Waterproof cable gland parts

What is waterproof cable gland MG type?

For MG cable gland, it is another type of waterproof cable gland. It has the same construction & function as the regular waterproof connector, but compared to the regular one, it has a bigger cable range. Especially in plastic materials, for regular waterproof cable glands, the body and claw are one part, and for MG type cable glands, the body and claw are two parts, which has a more convenient sealing.

Do you have M20 waterproof cable gland?

Yes, we have, M20 cable gland is the regular size in waterproof cable glands.

Because M thread, we can also provide PG thread, G thread, and NPT thread for the same size also.

Are you a factory?

Yes, we are. We have been producing waterproof cable glands for more than 10years and can provide different kinds of waterproof cable glands for different materials and sizes. If you want to know more about us,please contact with us again.

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