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  • Many materials are available
  • Ingress Protection reach IP68
  • Size from M10 to M48

Sanhui Strain Relief Cable Gland--One of Strain Relief Connector

As a type of strain relief connector, the strain relief cable gland can play a good protective role when the cable is bent at a large angle after the cable exits. And in order to reach the function, we design the  shape of the cap to be like a spring, so sometimes, they also call the gland for spring cable gland or spiral cable gland

Sanhui can provide strain relief cable glands with different threads of different materials, giving you more choices.

SH-BDM-28-FZW Plastic Strain Relief Cable Gland

Plastic materials waterproof cable gland with strain relief

SH-BDM-27-FZW Spring Brass Cable Gland

Brass nickel plated cable gland with strain relief

SH-BDM-27-FZW Stainless steel Strain Relief Cable Gland

SS304,SS316 cable gland with strain relief function

The IP rate of Sanhui Strain Relief Cable Gland

The strain relief cable gland is a spring-like cap added to the ordinary waterproof cable gland, sometimes also called spring cable gland or flexible cable gland. But because of the same structure, seals, and materials as the waterproof cable gland, our strain relief cable gland can also reach IP68 level and can be used on equipment It plays the same role as waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, and weatherproof.

The Strain relief cable gland used in terminal box
The function of Flex cable gland

The function of Strain Relief Cable Gland

The straight waterproof cable gland has the function of preventing bending, but when the cable needs to be bent at a large angle, the straight waterproof cable gland cannot fully protect it, and the spring part of the strain relief cable gland can buffer the cable caused by large bending of damage. Make the cable have a longer life.

Custom Strain Relief Connector

In addition to standard strain relief cable glands, we can customize armored spring cable gland, except that we can make cable glands that meet your needs according to your unique requirements. If you need it, send your design now!!

customs strain relief cable gland

Choose Sanhui Strain Relief Cable Gland for your First Choice

CNC Workshop
Strain relief Cable Gland

Sanhui can provide connectors of different materials for different indoor and outdoor equipment. Focusing on the production and research and development of strain relief cable glands for a long time, we can control and produce low-cost and high-quality strain relief cable glands in all aspects.

If you have requirements for spring cable gland, please contact the Sanhui team.

Which Materials of the Strain Relief Cable Gland Do You Have?

We have brass materials, stainless steel materials, and Plastic materials cable gland.

Different Materials for Flexible cable gland

You can choose either flexible cable gland as you need.

Which Size of The Sprial Cable Gland Can You Produce?

For Plastic Materials Cable Gland:

M12x1.5; M16x1.5; M18X1.5; M20X1.5; M22X1.5; M25x1.5; M27x1.5

PG7; PG9; PG11; PG13.5; PG16; PG21

For Brass Materials Cable Gland:

M10x1.5; M12x1.5; M14x1.5; M16x1.5; M18x1.5; M20x1.5; M22X1.5; M24X1.5; M25X1.5; M27x1.5;

M28x1.5; M30x1.5; M32x1.5

PG7; PG9; PG11; PG13.5; PG16; PG19; PG21; PG25

G1/4; G3/8; G1/2; G3/4; G1

NPT1/4; NPT3/8; NPT1/2; NPT3/4; NPT1

For Stainless Steel Material Cable Gland:

M10x1; M12x1.5; M14x1.5; M16x1.5; M18x1.5; M20x1.5; M22x1.5; M24x1.5; M25x1.5; M27x1.5; M28x1.5; M30x1.5; M32x1.5; M36x1.5; M37x1.5; M40x1.5; M42x1.5; M47x1.5; M48x1.5

PG7; PG9; PG11; PG13.5; PG16; PG19; PG21; PG25; PG29; PG36

G1/4; G3/8; G1/2; G3/4; G1; G1-1/4; G1-1/2

NPT1/4; NPT3/8; NPT1/2; NPT3/4; NPT1; NPT1-1/4; NPT1-1/2

Do You Have Stock for Flex Cable Gland?

Yes, For standard cable gland, we have stock for small Qty, and for big Qty, need to produce.

When you need it, please check with me for size, materials, and Qty, so I can check for you.

How to Install the Strain Relief Cable Gland?

Due to the same structure as the normal waterproof cable gland, the installation method is identical, also.

The simple steps are like below:

  • Measure the using cable’s outer diameter to find the fit cable gland.
  • Install the body of the cable gland into the equipment by thread or lock nut.
  • Go through the cable into the cable gland, remaining the proper length of cable into the equipment for connecting, and tighten the clamping cap to seal the cable.

The install method of Cable Gland

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