Plastic Cable Gland Manufacturers

  • Can provide different materials of nylon cable gland
  • Various threads can be provided
  • Excellent waterproof function
  • Customized colorful plastic cable gland

Sanhui Plastic Cable Gland

Plastic cable glands are sometimes some one called nylon cable glands also.

Sanhui can produce PA6, PVC, and V-0/2 materials in plastic cable glands. All sanhui cable gland can meet IP68 high watertight protection with dust-proof. Simple product structure helps cables to be installed easily.

Like most manufacturers, we mainly produce black and light gray (some people call it white) standard cable glands. Such as other colors, can be customized.

You can contact us for more information if you are interested in us.

Customized Colorful Nylon Cable Gland

In addition to producing standard black and white cable glands, Sanhui can customize the production of colored nylon cable glands according to customer needs. Sanhui can customize color cable glands of the same color according to the color numbers or samples provided by customers.

If you have such needs, please contact us.

Colorful customized plastic Cable Gland
Nylon cable glands are used in heavy duty connectors and waterproof boxes

The Protection Level for Sanhui Plastic Cable Gland

As a small accessory in the cable management system, even if the overall protection level of the equipment is very low, the minimum requirement for the outlet device is IP66. As for nylon cable glands, we can achieve high water resistance of IP68 or even IP69K, which can meet the IP protection requirements of most equipment.

Choose Sanhui for Your Plastic Cable Gland Requirements

injection workshop
injection molding machine

Sanhui has more than 2000 square meters workshop, with equipment of many injection molding machines. Entire series plastic gland parts mold which can provide a wide range of sizes of cable gland plastic.

More, more than 800 square meters of warehouse, we stock sufficient standard black color and white color cable glands.

If you have some requirements, let me know.

Sanhui Plastic Cable Gland

Kinds of Plastic Cable Gland

Sanhui produce kinds of plastic cable gland for different threads from small size to big size, so you can choose the fit one that you need

Metric thread:



PG thread:


G thread:


NPT Thread:



The assemly between cable and nylon cable gland

Considering the product cost, we can provide different materials of nylon cable gland for your choice:

The main materials:

PVC Cable Gland

PA normal Cable Gland

PA6 Cable Gland

PA66 Cable Gland

Flame-retardant PA cable gland (V0/V2)

The sealing materials:



Silicon Rubber

And so on

Plastic Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

What is Plastic Cable Gland?

A plastic cable gland is a device made of PA or PVC that is attached to the end of a cable to secure it to the equipment and seal it.

Plastic Cable Gland used in junction box

Can I Use Plastic Glands on Armored Cable?

No, Plastic cable gland is straight cable gland, and this type of cable gland can only clamp the cable directly and sealing.

And for armored cable, it needs to rid of the armoring part, then the inner cable going through the armored cable gland, and sealing. Plastic cable gland can not reach this function, so it can not use with armored cable.

How cable through from junction box by plastic cable gland

Noted: when armored cable just needs to go through the cable, no need to fix the armoring, and earthing itself inner the enclosure, it can work with plastic cable gland at some time 

What Sizes do You Have for Nylon Cable Gland?

We have many sizes for nylon cable glands with many threads.

M thread cable gland from M12 to M114, PG thread cable gland from PG7 to PG63

G thread cable gland from G1/2 to G2, NPT thread cable gland from NPT1/2 to NPT2.

For the specific size you need, please contact us for inquiries.


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