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Ships have been exposed to high humidity and corrosive environments for a long time. Therefore, this issue should be taken into account when selecting cable gland. Sanhui Marine cable gland is a cable gland specially designed for marine equipment.

Compared with ordinary brass nickel-plated, Sanhui marine cable gland uses more corrosion-resistant chrome-plated, which can better protect the inlet and outlet devices of the equipment.

Of course, stainless steel marine cable gland is the best choice, sanhui can provide if needed.

The following is the standard marine cable gland of Sanhui:

Other Choices for Marine Cable Gland

In addition to standard marine cable glands, equipment manufacturers may also use ordinary waterproof cable gland as marine waterproof cable gland. In case of armored cables, armored cable gland can also be used. If you have some same requirements also,

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The Main Appliance That Marine Cable Gland Works With

Marine Motor

As the core of the ship’s operation – the marine motor has a lot of wiring requirements. In addition, marine motors are mainly close to water, so there are main requirements for waterproof, moisture-proof, impact resistance, and turbulence. Equipping each wiring port with a marine cable gland can effectively protect the cable and motor. Sanhui cooperates with a large number of motor manufacturers to supply marine cable glands for various marine motors.

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Marine Motor
Marine Junction box with Sanhui Marine Cable Gland
Marine Electrical Control Box

The marine electric control box is also a key product in marine equipment. Like the marine motor, the requirements of the marine electric control box are also waterproof, moisture-proof, impact resistance, etc. Therefore, most electric control boxes are also equipped with marine cable glands. Among the customers we have contacted, most of them use stainless steel 316 marine cable gland to combat the harsh working environment.

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