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Broadly speaking, all cable glands should be called industrial cable glands. But it is different from the general requirements of waterproof cable glands and the strict requirements of explosion-proof cable glands. Sometimes the requirements for glands of some industrial products may be between the two types of glands, and the industrial glands produced by Sanhui meet this requirement.

Sanhui industrial cable glands are produced according to BS6121 standards and are available in a wide range of sizes, thread forms, and materials, and are available for all types of armored and unarmored cables and all industrial locations (indoor, outdoor, wet areas, etc.).

Industrial Cable Gland for Armored Cable

Single compression armored type cable gland (Especially suitable for shielded cables)

SH-BDM-4-IN Industrial Cable Gland

Double compression type cable gland used for all types cable gland with special guard against damp function

SH-BDM-6-IN Industrial Cable Gland

Strippable multi-layer rubber double-sealed cable gland, it is suitable for various armored cables, especially for steel wire armored cables

SH-BDM-7-IN Industrial Cable Gland

Similar to E1W cable glands, single seal multi-seal armored cable glands, can be used for all armored cables, mostly for PVC sheathed steel wire armored

SH-BDM-22-IN Industrial Cable Gland

Double compression industrial cable gland with armour/braid termination

Indsutrial Cable Gland for Unarmoured Cable (5)

The Advantage You Choose Sanhui Industrial Cable Gland

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choices

Sanhui Industrial cable glands can provide different sealing styles to suit your preference.

24-7 Supporting
24-7 Supporting

If you have any questions about us or our products, we will reply quickly anytime within 24 hours.

Free Samples
Free Samples

Free samples are accepted if you want to know the quality of our industrial cable gland or whether this gland is suitable.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We will send goods within 5days for a normal quantity industrial cable gland, and bulk orders will send also in a short time.

Factory Inspection Process of Sanhui Industrial Cable Gland

In order to ensure the quality of the products, in addition to the inspection during the production process, Sanhui industrial cable glands will also make a factory inspection. The inspection details are as follows:

  • Appearance inspection: the surface and inside are intact without scratches, and the typing is clear and intact.
  • Parts inspection: whether the finished parts are fully assembled and whether there are any problems with the parts.
  • Thread inspection: whether the thread accuracy meets the requirements and whether the thread pitch is correct.
  • In addition, it will check whether the accessories, packaging, etc. are complete
QC Inspection
Industrial Cable Gland Application

Sanhui Industrial Cable Gland Application Guide

Sanhui Industrial cable glands are designed to withstand wet or dry locations, indoor or outdoor use, and corrosive conditions, sealing to meet your needs in industrial environments.

Sanhui industrial cable glands are sealed against the entry of water and dust after they are sealed into enclosures, motors, panels, or other electrical equipment. In any case, Sanhui’s high quality standards will help extend the power system’s life, help equipment operate normally, and reduce downtime.

Simple Sanhui Industrial Cable Gland Installation Principle

For industrial cable glands, people are always entangled in different structures when purchasing and do not know how to install them. In fact, the fundamentals of all industrial cable glands are similar. As long as you master the basic principles of cable gland installation, it will be easy. Industrial cable gland installation needs to be divided into two situations:

  1. For non-armored cables, as long as it is confirmed that the cable range is suitable for the cable used. No matter what sealing form is used, Just put the cable can directly pass through the seal and tighten the cap, it can play the sealing role. The installation can be completed successfully.
  2. For armored cables, in fact, the principle of all armored cable glands is that when the armored cable passes through the armored cable gland, the armor layer needs to be removed and fixed inside the gland. And let the core without armoring work with the electrical equipment in the same way as the unarmoured cable. Moreover, taking the glands as a boundary, the armored cable can still guarantee its advantages outside the gland. Inside the armored gland, the connection to the equipment can also be effortless.
Industrial Cable Gland for armored cable and unarmoured cable

Choose Sanhui to Provide You with The Right Industrial Cable Gland

CNC Machine for no thread part
Automatic laser marking machine

For industrial cable glands, we also have many applications in different industries. Due to the different requirements for indoor and outdoor, we can offer you a variety of options. Additionally, brass and stainless steel cable glands can be used in varying degrees of corrosive environments. For our industrial cable glands, the minimum IP rating can reach IP66 and can meet the requirements of IP44 to IP68.

Welcome to send your requirements for industrial cable glands so that we can find the right cable glands for you.


Factory Building
Sanhui Industrial Cable Gland Skyrocket Your Business

We have different types of industrial cable glands to meet your different requirements. Quick response and efficient processing can help you solve problems quickly to support your better business expansion.

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Industrial Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have 20mm Industrial Cable Gland?

Yes, we have.  We can provide gland sizes from 12mm to 115mm.

Do You Provide Armored Cable Gland for Industrial Use?

Yes, we can provide different types of armored cable gland for single compression and double compression types

Could you provide cable gland silimar to A2?

Yes, A2 is the gland for the unarmoured cable, and we have several types of cable glands which can work with A2, and also work well.

Can you produce stainless steel 316 industrial cable gland?

For industrial cable gland, we now main produce both brass materials and stainless steel materials.

Brass materials can make both brass-only materials, and brass nickel plated.

Stainless steel materials can provide SS304, SS316 materials.

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