FAQ for Sanhui
Frequently Asked Question about Sanhui Explosion-proof Electrical

General Questions

Is Sanhui the manufacturer of cable glands?

Yes, We are a professional cable glands manufacturer and supplier in China.

Can you provide a full brochure for your cable glands and cable accessories?

Yes, of course, please send me your email, so I can send it by mail.

Can you send us your certification?

Of course, just tell us which certification for which product you want to check, and we will send it to you.

Does Sanhui only manufacture cable glands?

Not exactly, Sanhui can also produce some accessories that work with cable glands, and now Sanhui is also developing some enclosures and junction boxes for different materials.

Sales Questions for Product

Do you have any MOQ for your Cable Glands Order?

It depends on the model, size, and materials of cable glands you order.

If for standard brass cable glands, nylon cable glands, and stainless steel 304 cable glands, we have no MOQ.

If you need stainless steel 316 materials, we have MOQ for 100pcs

And for no standard glands, for example, red color nylon cable glands, we have MOQ depending on size. So if you want to know MOQ, let me know which cable gland you need, so I can check for you.

Do you have stock for standard cable glands?

Yes, For standard cable glands, we all have stock normally.

What is the lead time of cable glands normally?

For small Qty cable glands, we can send it within 7days whether we have stock or not.

And for detailed stock, please check with us by Qty.

How can I choose the model, and size of cable glands?

First, you should know where your cable glands are used.

Then check armored or unarmoured cable will you use.

And need to know the cable outer diameter you use, please note not cable square diameter, then you can check the size you use.

Or you can send the detailed information to our sales, we will like to help it.

Can you provide free samples?

Yes, We can provide 1~2 pcs of small size cable glands samples for you according to the model that you are interested in.

Can you OEM/ODM for cable glands?

Yes, as a professional manufacturer we can do OEM/ODM for you.

Can you export to Europe?

Yes, We have certificates for CE and ATEX which fit European standards.

Qutestion about Shipping,and Packing

Which way can you transfer the goods?

According to the weight, and dimension of goods, we can transfer by sea, by air, and by express.

For cable glands, and cable accessories, we use to express more times due to cable gland is heavy with small dimension packing.

Can you make OEM packing for the cable gland?

No problem, we can provide label OEM and graphic carton if needed.

If you have some other requirements for cable glands packing, show the design, and we can check it.

Which seaport is near your factory?

Both Ningbo & Shanghai seaport is near our factory.

After Purchase Questions

How long are the cable glands guaranteed?

Our usual warranty period is one year.
If the cable gland has quality problems, please object within 2 weeks after receiving the goods.
In addition, our splice warranty is one year, provided the cable gland is installed correctly.

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