Sanhui-China Professional Explosion-proof Cable Gland Supplier

High quality explosion-proof cable glands which obtain both ATEX/IECEx certificates, and different types to meet your need.

  • Meet different types of  Ex equipment.
  • Different materials for Ex glands can be used
  • ATEX/IECEx/CNEX/CCC can be chosen for Ex cable gland
  • Full threads can be provided for your need

What is the Explosion-proof Cable Gland

For explosion-proof cable gland, it is based on normal cable glands which have more explosion proof characteristics in a hazardous area, so someone also call it to hazardous cable gland.

For explosion-proof electrical equipment, it will be divided into different explosion-proof types like Ex d type equipment, Ex e type equipment, and Ex t type equipment. In order to meet the use of the electrical equipment, our cable glands are certified to be Ex d cable gland, Ex e cable gland, and Ex t cable gland.

So if you want to use any type of explosion-proof cable glands for your project, choose Sanhui, and we will satisfy you. Whether you need the armored explosion-proof cable gland or the unarmoured explosion-proof cable gland, choose Sanhui. Sanhui will be your best choice for explosion-proof cable glands.

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Explosion-proof Cable Gland By Explosion-proof Features

ATEX IECEx Cable Gland

International Europe standard certificates for explosion-proof cable gland

Ex d Cable Gland

Flameproof type explosion-proof cable gland

Ex e Cable Gland

Increased safety type explosion-proof cable gland

Ex t Cable Gland

Explosive dust type explosion-proof cable gland

Different Types Explosion-proof Cable Gland by Gland Compression (4)

Explosion-proof Cable Gland by Using Cable (8)

The Advantage for Explosion-proof Cable Gland

Full Certificates
Full Certificates

Due to the explosion-proof cable gland working in hazardous areas, it is an important accessory for device safety, and how to prove the function, certificates are reliable ways. For Explosion-proof cable glands, we’ve obtained ATEX, IECEx, Chinese Ex certificate, CCC, and so on. All our glands had a strict test to guarantee the quality of Sanhui cable glands.

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Not only Sanhui explosion-proof cable gland can be anti-corrosion, but all glands are also with corrosion-proof functions. But compared to normal cable gland, explosion-proof cable gland will has more chances to meet explosive gas or explosive dust combined with acid, alkali, strong corrosive gas, or water vapor, so the gland needs to have more strong anti-corrosion function.

Impact resistance
Impact Resistance

As one of the basic preventive tests to ensure the safety performance of explosion-proof cable glands, all Sanhui explosion-proof cable glands have superior impact resistance. This ensures that electrical equipment is selected and installed to prevent huge injuries accidentally.



Pull-out Resistance
Pull-out Resistance

The basic requirements for cable glands are fixing and sealing. Therefore, when the cable gland is installed and fixed with the cable fixing, it will be required to achieve the most basic pull-out resistance. All of Sanhui’s explosion-proof cable glands have undergone pull-out tests to ensure the stability and safety of the products.


Sanhui Explosion-proof Cable Gland for Kinds of Armored Cable & Unarmored Cable

As a cable fitting, explosion-proof cable glands essentially work with and serve the cable. Therefore, when the explosion-proof cable gland is adapted to the cable, the type of the cable needs to be considered. Cables can be roughly divided into armored cables and unarmored cables.

For armored cable, it can be steel wire braid armored cable, steel wire armored cable, steel tape armored & elastomer and plastic insulated cables, Sanhui armored explosion-proof cable gland can work with all types of armored cables without limitations.

For unarmoured cable, it is easy to work with, Sanhui also provides types of unarmoured cable for choosing

Sanhui Ex Cable gland for armored cable & unarmoured cable
How check the gland size

Explosion-proof Cable Gland Threads Guide

For explosion-proof cable glands, it is also installed by thread. And normally, it uses metric thread, NPT thread, and BSP(G) thread. Generally, explosion-proof cable gland will not use so many small size cable glands like M8 or M10 as we meet. Before we only sold size at least M16, and very few times for M12, the most commonly used size is M20, M25, M32, and the same size for NPT thread and BSP thread(G).

There is a point that for explosion-proof cable glands, PG thread is rarely used; and if by BSP(G) thread, although your device is Exd type, if you use BSP(G) thread, it will be Ex e type, because G thread can not be recognized by the flameproof environment.

Explosion-proof Cable Gland Process Technology

Explosion-proof cable gland is not a product with such high technical content. But make a good quality product, we also need to work a lot. Below for the production processes of Explosion-proof cable glands.

  • Cutting-Cut the metal bar into the proper size for different parts.
  • CNC machining-Machining the no threaded part to the correct size by specified drawing.
  • Threading-Machining the thread of different parts.
  • Deburring-Make the hexagon side of glands part to deburring
  • Electroplating-Nickel plated for brass, galvanized for steel
  • Assembling-Assembly all parts together to a whole explosion-proof cable gland
  • Marking-Mark the detailed Ex rate, IP rate, and detailed information on the cable gland

Why Choose Sanhui Explosion-proof Cable Gland?

How it mark for explosion-proof cable gland

Sanhui has more than 10 years of producing explosion-proof cable glands, and we produce full kinds of explosion-proof cable glands for your projects with high standards, and high demand.

As all know explosion-proof cable gland need certificate and Sanhui explosion-proof cable glands get full certificates with IEC/En Standard, GB3836 Standard.

In order to meet the different requirements of customers, we are now getting more and more certificates for our cable glands, and accessories.

The Application for Sanhui Explosion-proof Cable Gland

Drilling Industry

Sanhui explosion-proof cable glands cooperate extensively with the drilling industry to provide a comprehensive solution for fixing the inlet and outlet cables to seals to ensure the long-term smooth operation of drilling equipment and the safety and reliability of the site

Oil & Gas

As we all know, the oil & gas industry is very dangerous, and it is rare that you accidentally explode on purpose. Sanhui explosion-proof cable glands ensure the safety of mining, storage, and transportation in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries for a long time

Wastewater treatment industry

Sanhui explosion-proof cable glands can be used in highly corrosive wastewater treatment systems to ensure the normal operation of electrical devices. Stainless steel explosion-proof cable glands are recommended for this industry

Explosion-proof Cable Gland in Explosion-proof control Box
Explosion-proof Cable Gland

Send your detailed requirement for cable glands, there’s always one explosion-proof cable gland for your project.

Adequate Supply Of Explosion-proof Cable Glands

For explosion-proof cable glands, the main materials are high-cost materials like brass or stainless steel, so although 1-ton stock materials will be a great amount.

And as a small part, explosion-proof cable glands have many smaller parts like thread entry body, clamping cap, and so on, and we will keep most semi-finished parts for explosion-proof cable glands of different sizes. In order to support your order for Fast Delivery, we will keep large stocks.


Explosion-proof Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

What is Armored Explosion-proof Cable Gland?

For explosion-proof cable glands, what we design for clamping cable.

And for cable types, can be roughly classified as armoured and unarmoured cables.

For armored cable glands, it is used for armored cable;

For unarmoured cable glands, it works for unarmoured cable;

Difference between Armored cable & unarmoured cable

Do You Have ATEX certificate for Explosion-proof Cable Gland?

Yes, our company has got both ATEX and IECEx cable gland for our explosion-proof.

Besides, we also have EAC/CUTR certificate for Russian market.

And all of our SH-BDM cable glands have Chinese Ex certificate.

So you can get any mode of explosion-proof cable gland you like.


Can Your Ex Cable Glands Reach IP68?

We have different types of Ex cable glands, not all types of glands can reach IP68.

But for some modes like SH-BDM-3, SH-BDM-4, SH-BXK, SH-BDM-21, SH-BDM-22 and so on can reach IP68.

If some requirements, tell me detailed information about the gland that you need, so I can check and recommend it to you.

Do You Have Explosion-proof Cable Gland for SS316L Materials?

Yes, But for SS316L materials, we have no stock, let me know which size and how many pcs of glands do you need? so I can check for you.

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