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Ex e cable glands refer to increased safety cable glands.

Sanhui Ex e cable glands are available in a wide range of materials such as brass, stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc. In addition, like most explosion-proof or industrial cable glands, Sanhui Exe cable glands can be used on armored or unarmored cables .

Sanhui Exe cables meet IEC60079 and GB3836 standards and can provide different explosion-proof certificates according to different electrical equipment. In addition, most flameproof cable glands can also be used in Ex e or Ex t environment because it is certified as a composite certification; however, purely increased safety cable gland do not contain flameproof certification, so they cannot be used in Ex d environment.

Increased safety cable gland is mainly designed for use on safety-enhancing housings, switches, and other equipment. If you have any needs or questions about the Sanhui Ex e cable gland, please contact us.


Ex e Cable Gland for Unarmoured Cable

SH-BDM-1 Ex e Cable Gland

Single sealed non-armored cable gland with claw clamp

SH-BDM-12 Ex e Cable Gland

Mechanical clamping single seal unarmoured Ex e cable gland

SH-NXL Ex e Plastic Cable Gland

Ex cable glands made of engineering plastics for all types of Unarmoured & Braided

SH-BDM-15 Ex e Cable Gland

Tooth head unarmoured cable gland IP68

Ex e Cable Gland for Armored Cable (4)

High Performance of Sanhui Ex e Cable Glands

For Ex e cable glands, the specific requirements for explosion protection are not as high as for Ex d cable glands, but since they still work in hazardous environments, there are certain requirements for their protection. Therefore, when selecting Ex e cable glands, the following protective properties should also be considered:
Corrosion resistant (corrosion resistant metal housing)
Waterproof (IPX6/IPX8)
Dustproof (IP6X)
Impact resistance (at least 7J)
Cable pullout resistance (25%-100% for different types)
All Sanhui Ex e cable glands work flawlessly once the device is installed and maintains its integrity. If you would like more details or requirements, please contact our sales team

The complete set of Ex e Cable Gland
The offshore platform Sanhui Ex e cable gland work with

The benefit of Sanhui Ex e Cable Gland

Sanhui offers different types of Ex e cable glands for different purposes:

Claw seals and rubber grommet seals

For increased safety cable glands, customers use more unarmoured cable glands, although the function is the same, we provide more than 1 series of cable glands for you to choose from.

We can provide different types and sizes of cable glands according to the cable size requirements to ensure that the product maintains integrity and protection (Ex rate and IP rate requirements) after the cable is wired.

High-quality Sanhui products can ensure long-term and stable operation of the product, If you would like to learn more, we have a detailed catalog that you can take a look at.

  • “The Sanhui Exe cable gland has a strong seal and I think it is as good as the Hawke cable gland, but the price is more competitive and the delivery time is fast.”

  • “I am looking for a reliable supplier, and found this supplier, the cable gland can fit our light very well, and we will keep a long cooperation. “

  • “We are very grateful to Sanhui for providing such a quality cable gland, it helped us solve the cable routing problem in our system”

Ex e Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

What is the Ex e Cable Gland?

For Ex e type of protection means increased safety:

Ex mark

During normal operation, there will be no arcing, sparking, or dangerously high temperatures. However, the equipment used should still take further protective measures to improve its safety and reliability of the equipment.

For Ex e cable glands, the equipment requirements will be lower than for Ex d cable glands.

But these cable glands still prevent even the extremely low probability of sparking or arcing that could lead to an explosion.

Do You Have ATEX Certificate for Your Ex e Cable Gland?

Yes, we have Atex cable gland for Ex e type cable gland.

Not all items are Atex certified cable glands, please check with us for mode.

What Materials of Ex e Cable Gland Do You Have?

We have many different materials for Ex e cable glands.

We can provide both nylon materials cable glands and metal materials cable glands.

For metal materials, we produce brass nickel plated and stainless steel materials.

For stainless steel materials, we provide SS304,SS316 materials.

Please check all materials what we provide can fit for you or not.

What Differentiates Ex e Cable Gland from Regular Cable Gland?

Regular cable glands refer to waterproof cable glands.

For Ex e cable glands of the same type and size, whether in a safe environment or not, hazardous precautions should be taken into account when designing cable glands. Therefore, on the basis of waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion of conventional waterproof cable glands, we also believe in increasing safety, that is, explosion-proof performance and impact resistance.

For example, unarmored cable glands of the same structure, Sanhui standard Ex e cable glands, and regular waterproof cable glands, the most obvious appearance is the increased size and thread length to achieve explosion-proof performance and protection.

Sanhui Ex e Cable Gland VS Regular Waterproof Cable Gland

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