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Sanhui produces kinds of Ex d cable glands to meet your need.

  • Meet different types of cables
  • Reach from IP66-IP68 protection rated
  • A variety of thread options within the certification range

Sanhui Ex d Cable Gland

For Ex d Type Cable Gland, it refers to flameproof cable glands.

In Zone II, it always works in the most dangerous areas.

Flameproof cable glands, it has requirements from materials to thread length.

Sanhui Exd cable glands get many certificates to improve our glands. We produce both Ex d Cable glands for armored and unarmoured cables.

For most cable glands, we do composite certification, Ex d cable glands are used in explosion-proof environments, but the certification also includes increased safety and dust environments. It can also be used on increased safety equipment or dust equipment.

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Single Compression Ex d Cable Gland for Armored Cable (All Barrier Types)

SH-BDM-3 Flamproof Cable Gland

Single compression armored Ex d cable gland with inspectable deluge seal


SH-BDM-5 Ex d Cable Gland

Single compression multiple-layer seal armored explosion-proof cable gland


SH-BDM-5-6 Explosion-proof Cable Gland Ex d with Inner Thread

Single seal flameproof cable gland with inner thread, which can work with flexible pipe, and steel pipe

SH-BXK-I Cable Gland for Hazardous Area

Teeth head single compression Ex d Cable gland for barrier armored cable


SH-BDM-17 Flameproof Cable gland

Teeth head single compression type Ex d armored cable gland with outer deluge seal protection

SH-BDM-21 Ex d Cable Glands

Hexagonal cap single compression flameproof cable gland


Double Compression Ex d Cable Gland for Armored Cable (4)

Single Compression Ex d Cable Gland for Non-amored Cable (4)

Double Compression Ex d Cable Gland for Unarmoured Cable (2)

How to Choose a Ex d Cable Gland?

For explosion-proof cable gland, the protection method must meet or exceed the protection level of the equipment that connected to the cable glands, that is, Ex d enclosures or equipment must be equipped with Ex d cable glands, and Ex e or Ex t only cable glands cannot be used with Ex d equipment. However, Ex d cable gland can be used on Ex e devices or housings. In addition, if the protection level of the explosion-proof equipment is IP65, the cable gland with the protection level lower than IP65 cannot be used. Therefore it is also important to equip your device with a suitable cable gland.
If you need professional advice, you can contact the Sanhui team.

Ex d Cable gland used in Ex d equipment
Different Sealing for Ex d Cable Gland

Cable Sealing Options for Different Flameproof Equipment

For Ex d cable glands, there are two types of sealing. One is the sealing ring seal, and the other is the packing + sealing ring seal. The reason why there are two sealing methods is that the explosion-proof environment is the most dangerous environment in the explosive environment of Zone II. It is easy to explore if there is a little electric spark or an explosion source. Although the sealing ring seal can also play the role of explosion-proof, the sealing ring has a fixed shape and can only be sealed by extrusion, not 100% airtight. For packing sealing, the cables can be completely wrapped by putty compound, which can better achieve the sealing effect and thus play a flameproof effect.

Therefore, if your equipment has a power supply or switch, it is recommended to use a packing type Ex d cable gland (Barrier cable gland). Compression Ex d cable glands are available at other times

Why Choose Sanhui Ex d Cable Gland

Cuting the stainless steel materials for The right length
Surface dealing for Ex d Cable gland

Sanhui is a leading manufacturer of Exd cable glands in China. We have rich experience in cable gland production, and our rich certification is our deep understanding of various standards for explosion-proof cable glands.

With the in-depth development of the company and in order to meet the large demand of different customers, our Exd cable glands product series is also increasing, and we can also provide customization of different materials according to customer requirements.

Contact us if you need Ex d cable glands.

Find Sanhui As a Reliable Ex d Cable Gland Supplier

Good Quality cable gland supplier

For a production enterprise, quality is the lifeblood of its long-term development. Sanhui does its best to maintain high quality Exd cable glands. our target is:

  1. The customer satisfaction rate is above 99%;
  2. The order delivery time rate is 100%;
  3. The achievement rate of the production plan is 100%;
  4. The supplier’s delivery pass rate is 100%;
  5. One pass rate of finished product inspection is 99.8%

Sanhui will do its best to ensure product quality and your satisfaction with us.

Inspection tools

Ex d cable glands are used in hazardous environments for a long time, so the requirements for the products are stringent. In order to protect your property’s safety, ensuring the quality of our products has become our top priority. For our Ex d cable, the items that need to be checked are as follows:

  1. Product size
  2. Flameproof surface
  3. Thread
  4. Surface treatment
  5. Cable sealing ring

Although the cable gland is a simple product, it plays an essential role in the process of equipment safety and operation. I believe that our strict production and quality inspection process can produce a total of reliable Ex d cable gland for you.

Choose Sanhui for your next project

flameproof cable gland for Process-Instrumentation
Sanhui--Ex d Cable Gland Manufacturer in China

For Sanhui flameproof cable glands give you simple choice in material, structure, and thread.

Exd Cable Gland(Flameproof Cable Gland): The Ultimate Guide

What is Ex d Cable Gland?

Ex d cable gland is also called flameproof cable gland. In the event of an explosion, the cable gland can withstand the explosion pressure inside the casing, preventing the explosion source from spreading to the outside and causing a larger explosion.

Sanhui Ex d Cable Gland, it is used for  Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous locations.


How Ex d Cable Glands works

What Certificate Does Your Flameproof Cable Gland Has

Sanhui Ex d Cable Glands has obtained Chinese Ex certificates and CCC for Basic.

And for some modes, we also have ATEX and IECEx Certificates.


Do You Have Unarmoured Barrier Type Exd Cable Gland?

Yes, we have, you can choose SH-BDM-8 and SH-BDM-18 Exd type cable gland.

Also, SH-BDM-1 can also be produced into barrier type glands.


Can You Produce M12 Thread Ex d Cable Gland

Yes, we can produce M12 cable glands for Ex d type, but please know that for M12*1.5 cable glands, we can only provide Chinese Ex certificate.

For ATEX or IECEx certificate, by now we only certified Min size for M16*1.5, and now we are adding some new items, but it needs more time to test it.


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