EMC Cable Gland Manufacturer

The EMC cable gland is based on the waterproof cable gland, and the electromagnetic wave is dissipated through the ground

by adding accessories that are in contact with the shielded cable, thereby reducing electromagnetic interference.

  • Easy to install;
  • Our glands sizes cover all cable sizes;
  • Long and short threads can be customized according to your requirements;
  • Small qty standard EMC cable glands can be provided;
  • Threads can produce Metric thread,  PG thread, G thread, and NPT thread according to your needs;

Sanhui EMC Cable Gland Manufacturer

EMC cable gland refers to a cable gland with electromagnetic compatibility, which has the ability to help electrical equipment or systems operate in an electromagnetic environment without causing huge electromagnetic interference to any equipment.

Sanhui EMC cable glands are available in metal materials such as brass and stainless steel. Because it is produced on the basis of ordinary waterproof cable glands, it has the functions of waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, stress relief, and so on.

In addition, most of Sanhui’s armored cable glands can also be used in EMC environment.

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SH-BDM-2 EMC Cable Gland

This cable gland acts as a magnetic shield/earthing cone by clamping the shield


SH-BDM-27-EMC EMC Cable Gland

The cable gland with anti-magnetic function by connecting the anti-magnetic sheet to the shielded cable

EMC Cable Glands are Used in Many Industries

With the development of science and technology, the electromagnetic influence generated in the work of various equipment is also increasing, and the use of anti-magnetic cable glands can avoid electromagnetic influence to a great extent. Therefore, EMC cable glands are widely used in many industries like machines; automatic control; electrical network connectors; telecommunications or communication; lighting, and so on

If electromagnetic effects also plague your equipment, consider Sanhui.

automatic control

The Metal EMC Cable Glands

The EMC cable gland essentially uses the metal body as a conductor to export the electromagnetic wave through the ground wire, so the nylon cable gland with insulating properties cannot be selected when selecting the material. Sanhui can provide high quality brass and stainless steel cable gland. In addition, if there are special needs such as adding an anti-magnetic function while preventing bending, brass or stainless steel anti-bending cable gland can be customized.

The Function Of EMC Cable Gland

Besides the function against electromagnetic interference, EMC cable gland can also with the same function for strain relief, waterproof,dust-proof, liquid proof, and anti-corrosion function.
The EMC sheet will also not influence the ingress protection to IP68. Identical to a waterproof cable gland, the EMC cable gland is easy to install for tight sealing.

Sanhui Emc cable gland works
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