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Sanhui is a professional cable gland manufacturer from China.

  • More than 10 years of producing experience
  • Full series cable glands
  • Can provide steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, plastic materials for cable glands
  • CE, ROHS, CCC, ATEX, IECEx certificates

Sanhui--The Cable Gland Manufacturer

The cable gland is defined as a device that provides strain relief and sealing protection for the cable going throughout the equipment.

According to the requirements of electrical equipment, use environment, and other factors, Sanhui can provide various types of cable glands.

If you have some requirements for standard glands or you have some idea for the customized type, send us your detail information, so we do it for you.

Waterproof Cable Gland

The waterproof cable gland is used for normal PVC cables for clamping and sealing. Its biggest role is to play waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion in the ordinary environment.


Industrial Cable Gland

Industrial cable glands are armored or unarmoured cable glands mainly used in industrial environments.



Explosion-proof Cable Gland

The explosion proof cable glands also called for the hazardous area cable gland. We provide Exd, Exe, Ex tb cable glands for different requirements.



Marine Cable Gland

The marine cable gland refers to the gland that works on ships or ship-related equipment or places.



EMC Cable Gland

EMC cable gland is a gland to help the equipment to remove the influence of electromagnetic reaction during work. This EMC cable gland is mainly used with shielded cables.


Strain relief Cable Gland

The strain relief cable gland is used when the cable is bent at a large angle go from the device. The spring part of this cap can be bent in front of the cable to protect the cable from being easily damaged under long-term bending.

Cable Gland By Materials (5)

  • Brass Cable Gland

    The brass cable gland is sometimes also called the copper cable gland. The gland is just raw materials glands with not much surface dealing for metal parts.


  • Brass nickel plated cable gland is based on brass cable gland, and nickel-plated on the surface of metal parts to better protect the gland from corrosion in the working environment.


  • Stainless steel Cable Gland

    Material-wise, stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than brass, so stainless steel cable gland have an advantage over brass cable gland in harsher environments.


  • Plastic Cable Gland

    Plastic cable glands are the most cost-effective and most used fittings. Tens of thousands of nylon cable glands are used in various equipment and fields.


  • Steel Cable Gland

    Sometimes you may need some glands better than nylon, but cheaper than brass. This time, you may choose steel cable glands. There is plated on the surface of steel cable glands, which can prevent cable gland well also.

Threaded Cable Gland (4)

  • Metric Cable Gland

    Metric cable gland is from size M8 to M120, you can choose either size you need. Thread pitched can be x1,x1.25,x1.5,x2, x3, we can produce according to your need. All cable glands can produce Metric cable glands.

  • PG Cable Gland

    PG cable gland is from thread PG7 to PG63, please check the size information, and let us know what your device’s thread is. All series of types of glands can do PG cable glands.


  • Metric Cable Gland

    NPT cable gland is the American standard thread. It is the special taper thread from 1/4” to 5”. All glands can produce NPT cable glands.


  • BSP Cable Gland

    BSP cable gland is the one we most call G thread or PF cable glands, and for sizes, we can do from 3/8″ to 5″. All glands can be BSP cable glands as needed.


The Basic Functions for All Sanhui Cable Glands

Waterproof Function
Waterproof Function

For more than 99% of cable glands, the basic function is waterproof. Besides some cable glands which work indoors, and no need for waterproof like the BW cable gland. All other cable glands are waterproof from IP rate to IPX5 to IPX8.

Dust-proof Function
Dust-proof Function

Besides waterproof function, the sealing in cable glands works with the parts, when tightened, it can prevent the solid body size into the device according to IP6X.

Anti-corrosion Function
Anti-corrosion Function

Acid and alkaline substances from the external environment, even water, and dust will corrode the equipment, and the unique sealing of the cable gland can ensure that the equipment is free from corrosion.

Weatherproof Function
Weatherproof Function

The weather environment can cover water, dust, and even acid alkaline corrosion all the above elements. But all sanhui high-quality cable glands can prevent the equipment from these.

Cable Gland Customization

Sanhui can customize cable glands if you have special requirements. We can produce extended or shortened cable gland threads according to your needs. And if you use special cable for flat type or others, we also do customization.

Special materials of seal can be provided if needed like high-temperature, low-temperature, aging resistance, UV resistance, and so on.

Also, we can produce glands according to your drawing. Welcome to send the detailed requirement/drawing for cable glands if needed!!


Customization Cable Gland
Strict Inspection

How to Produce a High-quality Cable Gland?

In order to produce high-quality cable glands, and keep stable quality, sanhui has a strict quality inspection from income materials to finish cable glands with a standard principle.

For our inspection tools, they will be calibrated by the institute of measurement for quality and technique supervision every year so that it can guarantee the measure is available for everything.

So please believe Sanhui, we put quality as the first goal.

More Information about Sanhui Factory


Sanhui is specialized in cable glands, and cable accessories for many years.

With the development of our factory, the number of cable gland products has been increasing after we meet different requirements.

Our policy is quality first, customer first.

More, the certificates for different standards, and countries are also becoming more and more, now we have almost more than 50 certificates for our glands and accessories.

To know more about Sanhui, contact us or request a quote right now.

Sanhui Cable Glands

Stainless steel rod

Considering the cost and protective capability of cable glands on different customers, we developed a lot of cable glands materials:

  • Plastic materials: PA,PA6,PA66,PVC
  • Steel materials: Carbon steel
  • Brass materials:H55,H57,H59,H62
  • Stainless steel materials:SS304,SS316,SS316L

For some items, we also can produce zinc alloy cable glands.

Aluminum material is still in development.

Of course, if you have some requirements for cable glands materials, welcome to let us know. We’d like to develop it for you.

Flat cable gland

There are some special cables that need customization like flat cables, multiple cores cables that should go into glands separately(multiple cable glands), and so on.

For example flat cables, we can produce

  • plastic flat cable gland
  • brass flat cable gland
  • stainless steel flat cable gland
  • explosion-proof flat cable gland for unarmoured type
  • explosion-proof flat cable gland for armored type

Sanhui can produce any possibility. If you use a special cable, and now are worried about how to seal it. find us.

Sanhui Cable Gland for Kinds of Industries

Power Generation

Power Generation is an industry with harsh environmental requirements and high maintenance costs. Long-lived and stable cable glands are the most basic requirements for using glands in power stations. Sanhui can provide stable and high-quality cable glands and play an important role in the operation of power stations.


Rail transit, including subways, trains, light rails, etc., is an independent rail transit system that is not affected by ground road conditions and can operate normally according to the designed capacity, thereby transporting passengers quickly, safely, and comfortably. A large number of complex power system wiring systems are produced in this process, and reliable cable glands are required for wiring. Sanhui cable gland is the best choice, welcome to choose our cable gland.

Chemical Plant

Chemical plants usually have very strict requirements on cable glands. When talking about chemical plants usually means high corrosion, high dust, and even explosives, in this case, high-quality Sanhui glands are the highest quality products in this environment. Our products are made of high-quality materials and have CE, CCC, and ATEX/IECEx certifications, which is a safety guarantee in this environment.

Sanhui cable gland factory
Expert of Cable Gland from China

We can provide types of cable glands, and please send the size of the cable gland that you need, so we can check for you.

Manufacturing Capacity

  • “I always choose Sanhui as my supplier of cable gland. They are reliable with competitive price.”


  • “Sanhui really provided good quality cable glands, and the sale is very nice, and feedback very quick.”

  • “I am really satisfied with the stainless steel cable glands, it works well in my temperature sensor. “

Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

What is Cable Gland?

Cable glands are devices that provide cables with safe entry into electrical equipment. They protect cables from external environmental strain, vibration, bending, dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, differential pressure, and electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Cable glands are used to seal and protect electrical equipment. They can be installed on most types of cables, including flat cables and other special-shaped cables.

These glands consist of a plastic or metal gland body and a separate sealing insert. Their modular design allows precise adjustment of one or more cables. Their various levels of protection include water, weather, EMC, and explosion protection.

How Many Types of Cable Glands does Sanhui has?

As a professional manufacturer specializing in cable glands, we have many types of cable glands:

  • waterproof cable gland
  • explosion-proof cable gland
  • industrial cable gland
  • EMC cable glands
  • spring cable gland
  • marine cable gland
  • and so on

Also, we can provide different materials for cable glands, and different threads of cable glands.

For details, please check with us!!

What Waterproof rates Does Your Cable Gland to?

We have the highest cable glands for IP68 cable glands.

If you need IP54,IP55,IP56,IP65,IP66,IP68 cable glands, our cable glands can cover it if our glands can reach to IP68.

So no worry about that,contact with us directly.

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