Cable Gland Accessories Manufacturer


  • Stopper Plug & Blanking Plug
  • Explosion proof Breather Drain Plug
  • Thread Conversion: Adaptor & Reducer
  • Union Coupling & Explosion proof Flexible Conduit
  • Sealing Washer & Lock Nut
  • Earth Tag & PVC Shroud

Sanhui Cable Gland Accessories

Sanhui can provide kinds of cable gland accessories that support the wiring system. We sell many of these cable accessories together with cable glands in different products, and projects.

When the thread is not fit with Equipment, you can use a reducer or adaptor.

For the reserved hole in equipment, the stopping plug can work.

And for union coupling, breather, earth tag, and PVC shroud.

Whether all cable accessories are generated around the different requirements of cable glands and are matched according to varying threads of M, G, NPT, and PG.


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