ATEX/IECEx Cable Glands Manufacturer

We can produce both ATEX Cable Glands and IECEx Cable Glands.

  • The glands in certificates can make both IP66, IP68
  • All glands can work from -50℃~+80℃
  • Both stainless steel and brass can be chosen, for some modes, carbon steel Q235 also can be provided
  • The ATEX/IECEx series cable glands include armored and cable unarmoured  cable for different types

Choose Sanhui ATEX/IECEx Cable Glands You Need

Mandatory requirements for explosion-proof products in international circulation require dual certification of ATEX/IECEx, as well as explosion-proof cable glands. Sanhui BDM series explosion-proof cable glands have also obtained these two certificates. Our ATEX cable gland and IECEx cable glands are suitable for use in Zones 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, and Zone 22. Different versions are available for armored or unarmoured cables for Ex d, Ex e, Ex t environments.
In addition, Sanhui explosion-proof cable joints also cover CNEX certification, CCC, and CUTR certification.
If you have this need, you can contact us, we can provide you with technical support and advice.

The Mode of Explosion-proof Cable Gland Which Has ATEX/IECEX Certificate

SH-BDM-1 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Single Compression type cable gland for unarmoured cable or braided cables used in Exe, Ext hazardous area

SH-BDM-3 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Single compression type cable gland for all types armored cables used in Exd, Exe, Ext explosive atmosphere

SH-BDM-4 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Double compression type cable gland for all armored cables used in Exd, Exe, Ext hazardous area

SH-BDM-10 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Single seal unarmoured cable gland for Exd, Exe, Ext Hazardous area

SH-BDM-12 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Single seal non-armored cable gland for Exe, Ext explosive atmosphere

SH-BDM-13 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Double seal unarmoured cable gland for Exd, Exe, Ex t hazardous location

SH-BDM-18 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Single seal unarmoured cable glands for barrier type in Exd, Exe, Ext hazardous location.

SH-BDM-21 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Hexagon type, single seal cable gland for all armored type cable glands in Exd, Exe, Ext explosive atmosphere.

SH-BDM-22 ATEX-IECEx Cable Gland

Hexagon type, double compression cable gland for all armored cables in Exd, Exe, Ext Environment

The Standard of Sanhui IECEx/ATEx Cable Gland

For IECEx/Atex cable glands, we must have the certificates if we write them.

As for obtaining the certificate, we need to produce standard-compliant glands. The standards for ATEX/IECEx cable glands are as follows:

IEC60079-0/EN60079-0: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 0: Equipment – General Requirements

IEC60079-1/EN60079-1: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 1: Equipment Protection by Flameproof Enclosure “d”

IEC60079-31/EN60079-31: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 31: Equipment Dust Ignition Protection by Enclosure “t”

IEC60079-7/EN60079-7: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 7: Protection of Equipment by Increased Safety “e”

Therefore, the glands listed in our certificate have met the above requirements and can be used as explosion-proof, increased safety, and dust-explosion-proof ATEX/IECEx glands.

In terms of protection level, it has been tested in accordance with IEC/EN60079-0 IP66 and IEC/EN 60529 IP68 and can reach IP66/IP68 simultaneously.

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The Standard of ATEX-IECEx cable gland
Different materials

The Materials of ATEX/IECEx Cable Gland You can Choose

All cable gland requirements of ATEX/IECEx are based on certification. The Sanhui ATEX/IECEx certificate has certified the cable glands of brass, stainless steel and carbon steel. For cable glands, brass or stainless steel are the most common.

But sometimes in order to consider the cost, carbon steel material can be included in the scope of our consideration, but Sanhui currently only produces individual models of carbon steel explosion-proof cable gland.

Brass material We usually produce brass nickel-plated cable gland; stainless steel material can provide SS304, SS316, SS316L; carbon steel material is usually in the form of carbon steel galvanized or nickel-plated.

Sanhui Can Provide High Quality ATEX/IECEx Cable Gland with a Quick Lead Time

ATEX cable gland producing machine
Adequate raw material and product inventory

As a reliable and professional manufacturer of cable glands and cable accessories, our goal is to serve our customers well, make them satisfied with us, and achieve long-term cooperation intentions. In addition, for most customers, the ultra-fast delivery time can help them better win business and reach cooperation. We Sanhui have a large inventory of ATEX/IECEx cable glands to meet the needs of customers at any time. When large quantities are required, the large inventory of raw materials can help us to complete and deliver the products at the fastest speed.

Want to get the product to arrive quickly, welcome to consult with us.

Sanhui ATEX/IECEx Cable Gland

The difference between M thread,G thread,NPT thread

For our certification, we can do three kinds of threads, the different types of threads for the explosion-proof type are as follows:

  • Metric: Exd, Exe, Ext type cable gland or explosion-proof equipment
  • NPT: Exd, Exe, Ext type cable gland or explosion-proof equipment
  • G: Exe, Ext type cable gland or explosion-proof equipment

Special Note: If your thread is G thread, we cannot provide fittings for flameproof environment

Cable Gland Sizes Differences

According to ATEX/IECEx regulations, we can only supply cable glands of certified size.

  • M thread, we made from M16*1.5~M90*1.5
  • NPT thread, we made NPT3/8~NPT3
  • G thread, we made G3/8~G3

The biggest difference between explosion-proof cable glands and waterproof or industrial cable glands is that waterproof cable glands can be customized with most details confirmed, but explosion-proof cable glands need certification support no matter how they are customized.


Sanhui ATEX/IECEx Cable Glands for Different Industries

chemical engineering

Sanhui ATEX/IECEx cable glands can provide protection for incoming and outgoing lines of chemical and electrical equipment. There are many dangerous reactions in chemical processing and manufacturing. Sanhui cable glands can add a layer of safety to equipment.


The aerospace industry is a precise and meticulous industry, and the requirements for equipment are relatively strict. Sanhui ATEX/IECEx cable glands are widely used in the electrical equipment inside to ensure the operation and stability of the equipment.

Marine Industry

Ships have been working in harsh and corrosive environments. ATEX/IECEx certified cable glands are required on some key equipment to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

offshore production platform
ATEX/IECEx Cable Gland Manufacturer

Professional service to global clients. Adopt advanced thread processing technology. Formal certified products can be provided

  • “I have been buying a lot of ATEX certified cable glands from Sanhui and their products have been very stable and reliable”

  • “Sanhui IECEx cable glands fully meet the requirements of our IEC explosion-proof junction boxes. We have a full selection of IEC certified cable glands.”

  • “Great Service from Sanhui, I get what I need for my business for a fast time, they can know us very well.”

ATEX Cable Gland/IECEx Cable Gland: The Ultimate Guide

IECEx and ATEX certification

What is an ATEX gland?

ATEX gland refers to authoritative explosion-proof certifications that have been certified by European standards.

ATEX certification is a certificate recognized not only in Europe but in most countries around the world. It covers all explosion-proof technologies Ex-d, Ex-e, Ex-tb, Ex-tc, Ex-n and other explosion-proof forms, suitable for hazardous environments such as Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22.

Sanhui ATEX explosion-proof cable glands currently only include three types of certifications: flameproof (Ex d), increased safety (Ex e), and combustible dust (Ex t).

IECEX-ATEX Cable Gland Ex mark

Which Materials of IECEx Cable Gland Could You Provide?

We certified Brass, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel.

For brass materials and carbon steel materials, the surface can be plated.

Which Type of Armored Cable Can Your Cable Gland Be Used?

For our armored cable glands, we have made a reversible design at the position of our armored ring, so that when we install the cable, we can press the cable armor body with a relatively large thickness range. Therefore, Sanhui armored cable glands can be used for most armored cables such as

W – Single wire armor SWA
or Aluminium wire armor AWA

X – Braid

T – Pliable wire armor

Y – Aluminium strip armor

Z – Double steel tape armor


Can your Cable Gland Used for IIB Type Environment?

Yes. All our ATEX/IECEx cable glands are certified for IIC type, which is IIC>IIB type environment.

So it is ok.

Could Your Gland Can Be Used in T6 Equipment?

Yes, T6 means that the maximum surface temperature of the equipment is +85℃. At present, Sanhui ATEX and IECEx certified cable gland can reach

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