The Professional
Cable Glands Manufacturer
which can Satisfy Your Need
The Professional
Cable Glands Manufacturer
which can Satisfy Your Need
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Super Production Capacity
Super Production Capacity
Sanhui can produce cable glands with different materials and functions. We have a production workshop of more than 2000 square meters, which can quickly produce different sizes of glands.
Customs the Cable Glands
Customs the Cable Glands
We can customs cable glands which fit your equipment by your drawing or just requirement. Special environment cable glands can be provided like ultra low temperature environment and so on.
Sufficient Stock of Products
Sufficient Stock of Products
Sanhui has more than 10k ea stock for standard cable glands of different materials,and different sizes.We can provide quick lead time.

Your Best China Cable Glands & Accessories Manufacturer

Sanhui is one of the top cable gland manufacturers in china, we produce a series of cable glands to protect different cable inlet and outlet situations.

For just waterproof requirements, we provide waterproof-only cable gland. If works in a hazardous area, we provide explosion-proof cable gland which can work in Ex d, Ex e, Ex tb environment. Besides, we also produce industrial cable glands, EMC cable gland, marine cable gland, strain relief cable gland which fit for both armored cables & unarmoured cables.  More, stopping plug, reducer & adaptor, earth tag, PVC shroud and so on accessories will work together with you.

We can give you the best quality cable glands, Choose Sanhui as your manufacturer.

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All Types of Cable Glands to Protect Your Device Indoors and Outdoors

All glands & accessories comply with ISO9001, explosion-proof glands comply with the IEC60079 standard.

Full series of cable glands to meet different cable demands.

High-quality sealing can meet IP rates from IP54, IP66, IP67, and IP68 in severe environments for a long time. The cable glands can all meet waterproof,dust-proof,anti-corrosion.

When your electrical equipment where with a cable going out needs to fix and sealing, consider us!

All Types of Cable Glands to Expand Your Business

  • Waterproof Cable Gland. Our waterproof cable gland can be widely used in general industrial environments such as production, power generation, solar energy, railways, and so on.
  •  Industrial Cable Gland. This gland can be used in equipment with higher requirements than the industrial production environment used by waterproof cable glands.
  • Explosion-proof Cable Gland. Explosion-proof – as the name implies, it is used in hazardous areas, this gland is mostly used in petroleum, chemical, power plants, military, and so on situations.

For some time, many customers may need different types of cable glands in one project. So please mail us for detailed information.

explosion-proof junction box with cable gland
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Why Sanhui is Popular with 1000+ Clients

Sanhui covers all kinds of cable glands which can fit almost requirement of your equipment.

high efficiency
High Work Efficiency
Your inquiry will be feedback in a quick time(Within 6 Hours). 24/7 online support, so you can send inquiry any time you need.
Low MOQ requirement
Sanhui has a low MOQ requirement for standard products which can help you keep a low stock on your side.
Different materials
Different materials for your choosing
In order to fit your cost and requirements. we can provide brass cable glands, stainless steel cable glands, carbon steel cable glands, and plastic cable glands.
Inspection Tool
Cable Glands Inspection Tool

Although the cable gland  & accessory is a small fitting, it is still important to make sure the accuracy of the product. Therefore the inspection tool is also very important. We will test our inspection tool also in order to ensure the inspection result of cable glands and accessories. We have inspection tools such as:

  • Vernier Caliper
  • Thread Gauge
  • Internal Thread Gauge
  • Micrometer
  • Hydro press

Through these inspection tools, Sanhui can produce high-quality, high-precision cable glands and accessories.

Cable Glands Certificate

Sanhui has a full certificate to guarantee the quality of cable glands & cable accessories.

We have the certificateS below:

  • CE
  • ROHS
  • CCC

With the development of our products, now our glands will have more certificates to guarantee the quality.

Thread of Cable Glands Which We can Fit for Your Device

Sanhui can produce full series of threads cable glands for your equipment. And for thread, we can produce from very small size to very big size glands.

M thread size cable glands, we can provide you M8 to M120, thread pitches can be x1;x1.5;x2;x3

NPT thread size cable glands can be from NPT1/4″ to NPT5″

G thread size cable glands can be from G1/4″ to G5″.

PG thread size cable glands can be PG7 to PG63.

More, for pipe thread, we can also produce PT thread and PF thread. Also, a customization thread can be provided.

If you are looking for either standard or non-standard thread cable glands,find us.we all have.

Metric thread cable gland
NPT thread cable gland
G thread cable gland
PG thread cable gland
PF thread cable gland
PT thread cable gland

Wide Application of Sanhui Cable Glands in Electrical Device

For cable glands, it is an important component that helps the electrical device become a perfect whole. So you can find our glands in many electrical devices include:

Distribution Box
Junction Box
Control Box
Terminal Box
Light Fixture
Temperature Sensor
Monitoring Aids
Signal Lamp
Electric Actuato
Electric Automoation System
Marine Fire Brake
Marine Junction Box
Heating System
Pressure Switch
Draught Fan
Air Conditioner
LNG Equipment
Portable Fuel Device
Robotics Control System

Customers Who Trust us

  • Fast and reliable delivery. Quality was so good. And very kind feedback and quick response. Thank you so much.
    Steve Lee
    from Korea
  • overall, i am fully satisfied with the supplier and items. the sale team is a very good supplier to work with. i will keep cooperating with them for a long time.
    Philippine flag
    Remus De Jesus
    from Philippine
  • Great supplier to work with. Able to supply modified version of stock part to fit our need in a timely fashion. Communication was excellent and parts arrived quickly.
    United State flag
    Tom Sa
    from United State
  • Nice!! Sanhui has the best cable glands service. I had the widest option of cable glands for different devices. I have received high-quality cable glands for my light fixture.
    UK flag
    from UK

More Knowlwdge about Sanhui Cable Glands

Cable Gland

A cable gland is defined as a component that provides clamping and sealing protection for the cable to enter the entire electrical equipment at the end of the cable.

Cable Gland application

Cable glands, it is used for the device where it needs cable wiring. For cable, when it connects with the equipment, it needs to go through the equipment, and it will cause a hole where the equipment is not complete and pressure-tight, cable glands can solve it.

kinds of cable glands

For cable glands, there are many types depending on different requirements and functions. Welcome to contact Sanhui for more detailed information.

  • CNPC
  • alstom
  • CRRC
  • Sinopec
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